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BluffBC Book of the Week – #AskGaryVee – One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media & Self Awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk



Whats good everybody,

I’m BluffGawd, this is BluffBC. In this case BC stands for Book Club, and the first book that I’m going to write about is #AskGaryVee – One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media & Self Awareness.

If your at all familiar or a fan of Gary Vee you already have an idea of what this book might be about, however if you aren’t you should go into youtube and watch a couple videos that Gary puts out and you’ll get a glimpse into the madness that is Gary Vee.

When I first discovered him it was probably on the Breakfast Club or one of those Facebook Ad videos. Either way I’m glad I did.

This is the second book I’ve read by Gary Vaynerchuk but its probably my favorite. Its basically a refresher course on everything I’ve learned from watching the #AskGaryVee Shooooooooow. Which is great because Gary has a tendency to talk a little bit fast and he releases content at an alarming rate.

The reason I chose this book for the book of the week is because its very easy to read, easy to digest for even the shortest attention span because Gary will keep you entertained and the questions asked are often times questions I’ve had floating around in my head and never had anyone to ask or questions that I’ve never even thought to ask. But regardless of what is asked Gary keeps his answers very clear, easy to understand and full of practical advice for any reader.

Half way through reading the book I found the audiobook and I ended up starting over and listening to the book to the end. The audiobook is actually what really made me want to write about this book because Gary changed some of the answers to make them more relevant to whats changed since he wrote it which I thought was really dope and showed how much Gary cares about this book and its readers.

In the link below you can purchase the book and I highly recommend that you do if your looking to grow as a business person and entrepreneur. Best of luck and thanks for your time!

Audiobook and Hardcover


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