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Producer Clout Podcast

I decided to start doing something new, share some insights and things I’ve learned about music production as well as share my thoughts on different things happening in hip hop and the producer community. check out the first episode through the link below.

Producer Clout Podcast – Royalties and Eminem’s Verse on CaterpillarUntitled-1


Majin [the lofi loop kit]

Today I released my 13th loop kit in collaboration with my good friend and long time collaborator Wino Willy. The kit is made up of 22 lo fi vaporwave inspired loops and some dusty drums. Check out the preview on the website

I’m dropping music everyday…

For… idk how long. I’ve already been doing it for a year on and my total now is at about 600 videos. This year I decided to take on SoundCloud. I’ll be dropping music everyday on under a series called #BluffGawdDaily.

Constantly elevating….

I was looking through my old notes the other night and ended up going over some old goals and realized that alot of the stuff on the list was stuff that I just accomplished or it became apart of my day to day routine.

ive been more focused over the last year than i ever have been and ive elevated as a professional. my stuff is organized, my goals are clearer and my music sounds better. but the more you learn the more you start to realize how much more there is to tackle on this journey.

every stage of progression has infinite value and lessons in it and i feel the more we soak up the quicker we progress.



Sit down – be humble – work ur ass off

Over the last couple weeks I’ve done a lot of writing and recording. The most in a while. I like the feeling of being able to make music just because you want to make music. In the past I’ve made music in the hopes of… idk, a lot of people hearing it in about a short amount of time? Thinking that one day I’ll wake up to my song having a million plays on SoundCloud and my phone blowing up from every label calling me. But that’s not really how things work.

Or at least that’s not how they’ve gone for me and over it time it made me pretty pessimistic about “making it”. But in a lot of ways that gave me the freedom to just do what I want. There’s no pressure to impress or please anyone but myself. It’s really just about creating and loving it. With all that said I want to keep it going and create more.

Last year was a humbling year for me in a lot of ways that showed me that I just need to work and focus on making dope shit. I got a request from a company to send work for their producers to work on, and the fact is if I was good enough they would’ve signed me and it would’ve changed my life. But I was good enough to work with. So like I said, it’s humbling to know that I’m heard and it’s even more humbling that the company doesn’t necessarily wanna hear that shit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But it’s back to the drawing board.

I’ve been working a lot and doing a lot of streaming lately. U can watch my streams on and u can watch older streams on

Is my job bullshit….?

is my job bullshit?

sometimes i get to thinking about what i do with my time and more often then not ill start thinking about my job. it doesn’t really matter what i specifically do for my day job for this conversation because it isn’t really related to music. its a good job and all. but sometimes i think about whether or not it holds me back from my potential. its hard to say.

theres some people i meet who i would tell them quit their jobs in a heart beat and grind. then theres some people i wouldn’t give that advice to. i know that i still have a little bit of work to put in with the free time i do get before i can be afforded the luxury. however i read somewhere that the more you sacrifice the more you’ll get back. often times i think about what it would be like if i just didn’t go to work the next morning. wake up a couple hours after i normally do and get to work on beats right after or while I’m having my coffee. post a couple instagram posts, some tweets, send out a couple emails and make some sales.

its obviously a lot more work than that. where ever i am on the ladder of success its important for me to be observant of the signs. i recently read a couple pages from the alchemist, a book i go back to often to remind me of what i learned from initially reading it. and the main thing is to be in tune with the universe and pay attention to what its trying to tell you.

i know that learning to make and sell beats has empowered me over the last year or so. i know that no matter what happens in my life ill be able to get on a laptop, get to work and ill be able to earn a living. i know that i can get a job engineering at a studio and be successful if i work hard. but with my current responsibilities just quoting my job or getting fired would be… well irresponsible. PRODUCE RESPONSIBLY!

as far as signs, the only ones I’m able to read clearly right now is that i need to work harder. i have time before and after my job and my other responsibilities that i have to take advantage of before i start looking for “more time”. which is really all that dropping a day job is. so i guess tomorrow ill be waking up at 5 am to put in work!

First of the year – being challenged and perception.

I decided to start a blog this year. I haven’t blogged since I had a MySpace πŸ˜‚ but a person I lookup to said to document so here I am.

Currently writing this at my job before the sun is up. Today was a payday. But I earned more from my beats this week than I made on this check. Usually a great feeling but the bar wasn’t set THAT high πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Music is becoming challenging again. I’m working closely with an A&R from Atlanta and I’m enjoying the fact that the feedback I’ve been getting was more than just “ye this is dope”. I’m finding myself in that zone where I’m learning what I need to do to better myself. In the past I would be pretty stubborn and claim that the off beat snare i randomly chose from my library was “my sound”, I didn’t make anything but boom bap beats until 2015 because I thought I was staying true to “my sound”. But something around that time just changed and I’ve expanded the styles I can work in and am truly on the way to developing my own sound.

I released my latest kit on Sunday, the NSX Loop kit, today is Wednesday. I’ve actually been writing this for about a week. I guess the last thing Ima touch on is this – the truth isn’t as glamorous as the perception. Perception is a powerful thing and it’s crazy to see actually successful people twist the perception of ppl to make things look bigger than they r. One of those, never meet ur idols things.

But I guess u could also take that as…. use perception to take urself over the top.