Bluff BC – Sample Pack

Bluff BC – Sample Pack

If your reading this, shout outs to you!

First of all, I’m Bluff Gawd. Father/entrepreneur/producer/rapper/avid reader/a bunch of other things. I actually havent done a blog since like Myspace but I like to write and alot of the current social media platforms are for much more condensed pieces of content. So with all that said, I’ll be using this space as a context to the content.

Earlier this week I released my first Sample Pack for free via my youtube channel, which you can subscribe toΒ here. I put out new beats almost daily for free as well as beat making videos and a series that I call “Who Do You Hear On This?”.

Anyway, the sample pack was something that I’ve worked out of and built over the course of 3-4 years when i was first getting into producing and I decided it was time to share it with whoever was looking for samples.

The pack consists of soul samples, funk samples, rock, reggae, breakbeats and everything else you can think of.

You can download the pack here –


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