Investing in Yourself, Risk and ROI

whats good everybody, gonna start doingΒ  a little more writing on here. i feel like i start out every post like this, but oh well. its been a pretty fucked up week for hip hop. one thing i got out of it was that i need to focus on bettering myself and getting further in life and really take this shit serious. not that i didnt, but we all fall for routines and get caught up in cycles and loops that dont benefit us.


ive been trying to set up better cycles and loops for myself to fall into. working on more music, releasing more music, documenting, podcasting, writing…. fuck. alot of stuff lol. but distractions come in many forms and i think its important for us to watch out and stay focused on our plans and goals. find little ways to invest and yourself. ive started looking at risk alot different in the last year. anytime ive put together a show i never thought about risk. i may have in the very beginning but as of recently there was zero risk associated with putting a show together. because i knew that whatever happened it would turn out well, i would make my money back at the very least and everyone would have a good night. i think that feeling came from trusting myself and my decision making skills. i know when someone is trying to scam me, when someone is trying to just make some money or when someone really has my best interests in mind. which btw isnt all too often. its business and most people are trying to make money because this is how they eat.


to some opening for a major artist and pay $500 to do it is an L. to some its an investment. an opportunity to be heard, and not only that, an opportunity to put their product in front of a group of people who are already spending money on dope music. you can do alot of other things with $500 but you also have to be able to look for the opportunity in things and have a plan to get a return on your investment. theres many variables to music and how the business may be conducted but relationships are always important and that will never change no matter what. find the opportunity, look for ways to invest in yourself.

a business is alot like building up a car. the potential is the frame. you can choose to build a car with scraps and hand outs but it may not last very long and look that great. or you can choose to make sacrifices and put money into your build and have something that lasts and makes your life better.

with all that said, check out my new podcast, Producer Clout Podcast on itunes, anchor, soundcloud and youtube. thank you for reading and listening. leave a comment and hit me with a follow. peace.




Soundclick is back???

I was watching Curtiss King’s new video and he was talking about soundclick coming back. funny thing is i was on the site just the other week to check it out and i decided not to post anything.


well i ended up coming back and posting up a couple beats. i guess they never had tags or hashtags that u could put on ur beats and now they do.


im going to end up testing soundclick and traktrain’sΒ premium plans in the next month and see what happens and how they compare to beatstars and youtube.

which btw im posting more than ever on youtube now. give me a sub. thanks

I’m dropping music everyday…

For… idk how long. I’ve already been doing it for a year on and my total now is at about 600 videos. This year I decided to take on SoundCloud. I’ll be dropping music everyday on under a series called #BluffGawdDaily.

Constantly elevating….

I was looking through my old notes the other night and ended up going over some old goals and realized that alot of the stuff on the list was stuff that I just accomplished or it became apart of my day to day routine.

ive been more focused over the last year than i ever have been and ive elevated as a professional. my stuff is organized, my goals are clearer and my music sounds better. but the more you learn the more you start to realize how much more there is to tackle on this journey.

every stage of progression has infinite value and lessons in it and i feel the more we soak up the quicker we progress.



Sit down – be humble – work ur ass off

Over the last couple weeks I’ve done a lot of writing and recording. The most in a while. I like the feeling of being able to make music just because you want to make music. In the past I’ve made music in the hopes of… idk, a lot of people hearing it in about a short amount of time? Thinking that one day I’ll wake up to my song having a million plays on SoundCloud and my phone blowing up from every label calling me. But that’s not really how things work.

Or at least that’s not how they’ve gone for me and over it time it made me pretty pessimistic about “making it”. But in a lot of ways that gave me the freedom to just do what I want. There’s no pressure to impress or please anyone but myself. It’s really just about creating and loving it. With all that said I want to keep it going and create more.

Last year was a humbling year for me in a lot of ways that showed me that I just need to work and focus on making dope shit. I got a request from a company to send work for their producers to work on, and the fact is if I was good enough they would’ve signed me and it would’ve changed my life. But I was good enough to work with. So like I said, it’s humbling to know that I’m heard and it’s even more humbling that the company doesn’t necessarily wanna hear that shit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But it’s back to the drawing board.

I’ve been working a lot and doing a lot of streaming lately. U can watch my streams on and u can watch older streams on